Monday, December 15, 2014

Life is... annoyed

I logged in, with every intention of flinging some mad poo up in here today.  Checked into my post from the weekend and the upbeat mood and nice comments left there ..

I've changed my mind

Don't want you Dingleberries thinking I'm bi-polar or something, not that there is anything wrong with being bi-polar.
I'm going to shush up now!  hahah

But you know what? 

It's really annoying to think that someone feels as though they aren't liked by you, 
*note... I worded that three different ways and I'm still not sure about it*
but of course you like them. 
So you attempt to put forth a little effort into proving that to them. 
Which also seems absurb to me because I mean damn!!! 
Why do I have to prove that I like you?!?!
Geez people irritate the poo out of me!
Monkey jokes.
Do you ever just feel like you'd prefer to just be left alone?
There's nothing I wouldn't give to just be left in peace with my little monkeys, forever after.
I'm glad you Dingleberries are around to hear me complain,
 no one else wants to deal with it, 
ya know?  
That's another reason I love you turds ;) 

-Hang in there


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Stephen, I've decided to forgive and forget. Move on, it's not exactly my style to care about little things like that :)

  2. Dealing with insecure folk can be draining. How many ways can one say, 'I like you!'? It's okay to stop trying, btw.

    1. Yea, I'm going to stop trying ... Hiding people from your news feed on FB is a wonderful thing :)

  3. Did you try and draw a really big poster sized, over your head sign, with bright coloured letters, with glitter?


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