Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Project: Full Plate part 1

E Monkey had his first watermelon this weekend. It was a lovely weekend, finally.  It seems a lot lately we're so busy and running wild. It was nice to just kind of hang out for  a minute. I found myself forcing myself not to run out to the car while my sister in law sat with the boy. I made myself walk and breath in some deep breaths.  He is by no means a handful or anything, yea that was a lie. E Monkey is ALL OVER THE PLACE, he's such a silly little monkey. I imagine you all can tell from all the photos I share though.

Father's Day was good. I missed my Dad some, he decided just to go home and we went out to Mr MB's parents house for the day.  Which was nice, Pokey enjoys the pool and she was able to see her uncle.  Good times ..

So to the point, I'm working on too many things right now, I'm sure blogging shouldn't be my thing at this moment, but it's a nice break from the work.  Besides it gives me time to get the ideas down somewhere, rather than lost with my next random thought.

So my list, as if you care. But honestly I think my main goal in sharing is so that if some of you have a source or perhaps know of something that could help me .... You could forward that information my way, lol. See, it's working in two ways for me. Right?

Top of the list:
  • My Sisters Baby Shower.... I haven't shared have I? My sister is expecting her third child. They've been blessed, it's a BOY.  I've warned her the best I can about how much of a mess they are. Unfortunately the Dr's have also told her little man has spinia bifida.  Very sad indeed but at this time, it's a mild case. It's a very small opening in his back,  he should be able to walk, suffer no bladder control issues and should not need shunts in his brain.  She's blessed indeed. 
  • Vacation Bible School.... I signed up to head the nursery class this year. It's exciting and a little overwhelming at times.  But thankfully Pinterest has helped me a lot with what few  ideas I can scrap together for the kids.  We probably won't have very many but  I think it will be OK.  A few is better than none and I know there will be atleast mine and the lady who is helping me :) 
  • Ya know someone said something the other day and it bothered me. Nothing unusual there right?  Well this to me seemed like something that could seriously harm someone in the long run. Just hurtful and almost abusive in nature.  Of course it's not my place to judge or even to say anything to this person. Who am I to tell someone how not to mistreat their children? Or how that sounded to me.  I don't know these people well enough to attempt to understand their, what seems to me, VERY DYSFUNCTIONAL relationship. Like I have all this room to talk though right?! That's been bothering me though, it really bothered me when I first seen/heard it, but it's just been hanging around for some reason.  It will pass soon enough I imagine.  People just don't know what they're doing sometimes I think. Either that or people are just really.....hard.
  • We have chickens .... Did I tell you?  The MB family has THREE chickens. I won't explain in detail because Mr MB was really negative about the whole reason behind my chickens, but whaetevs. A MB can't care for long, right?  It's my little work in progress, but we're making it work
 It may be a bit easier by the end of this to understand the messes I get myself into these days.  So we got this chicks, around Easter, long story. So now I have chickens, three of them and they're all girls. So my new intentions are to utilize these chickens for food purposes.  As you can tell by their living quarters... There is still work to be done. 

Nightmare!!  At times I'm like OK strike that, I will just continue to buy my eggs at Kroger and be done with it.  Geez. 

  • Next up... My cloth diaper addiction. Luckily I've satisfied that addiction and it's safe to say .. I AM DONE BUYING CLOTH DIAPERS.  My name is Monkey Butt and I am not an addict!!!  :)  But now, I've got this great idea ... I can have more monkeys, use those cloth diapers for those monkeys and then start making cloth diapers at home and sell them!! It's a genius idea isn't it!?!?!?!

So this post is getting rather long .... from what I've read on best blog tips ever, yea I made that up. But seriously it told me I shouldn't write long blog posts, because people are in a hurry and don't have time for it.... go figure.

So if you've made it this far...You're a true Dingleberrie.  Thank you for Hanging in There. I'm going to end up with a series on this project: Full Plate ...

To be Contd.


  1. Hmmm... Prayers on the spina bifida and chicken project. BIG prayers on the VBS! I gave up on cloth diapers about the first time we took "Boy" to visit somewhere.

  2. Prayers for your list above.


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