Thursday, January 9, 2014

Some people...

Was driving down I85 yesterday morning, heading in to work and I could see in the distance and large truck on the side of the road with it's flashers on.

Anyone who knows about those large trucks on the side of the interstate know that at times they tend to stick out and well on occasion the driver of the truck can been caught going in and out and up under the hood and stuff.

So I decided, hey it may be a nice thing to go ahead and change lanes and get on past him. Using my blinker I get over into the fast lane.

So I guess the driver of the  large truck in that lane didn't appreciate me getting over in front of him. Even if it was only going to be for a short time so I could get around the guy on the side of the road.  Dude turns on his bright lights and leaves them on.  They are ridiculous bright to be honest. I couldn't believe it, it's still bugging me a day later.  Trying to do the right thing and some jerk gets all bent out of shape about it.

Losing faith in the world sometimes, lol. People are just jerks!  .

-Hang in there


  1. Yes, some people sure can be jerks.

  2. I remember as a kid, most truck drivers were the politest driver you'd ever wanna see. Those days are gone. Nobody takes politeness into the car with them. They expect you to give them a mile's notice before you do anything in front of them, but feel they should have their front wheels riding in your trunk. And if they get in front of you, you should be able to stop on a molecule and understand fully what they intend to do without having to be signaled.

    Hang in there, there are good people too. Sometimes they even drive.

    1. lol, I know right. Yes they are few and far between but I have faith!

  3. It's a blessing, I'm told, that I don't drive, on account of my potty mouth...!

  4. Truck drivers carry on about bad car drivers but those guys can be complete jerks


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