Saturday, January 11, 2014

1030 pm on a Saturday.

Saturday has came and went, it's getting late around here but as I sat bored watching a little Family Guy I decided to kill a few minutes in the blogoland.

It rained, a lot today. Storms and rains and everything, pretty normal.  I can't believe how weird the weather has been.  It's crazy! Freezing vortex and now it's like spring, I'm sure Jesus will be coming back this weekend or next.

Either that or Mother Nature really has lost her mind.

Had a funeral today, my Granny lost her brother to an eight month battle of cancer.  Always hard to watch your Granny, aunts and uncles crying at the loss of someone they love. It's hard to see anyone lose people they love.

Just a reminder, another reminder.

One of the ladies there, reminded me, AGAIN at how much I look like my mom.  Should that bother me?  It doesn't bother me really that we look a like more like I feel people shouldn't tell me all the time, lol.  That makes no sense I know and I sound like a cry baby, but whatever. Just makes me think about how much I miss that woman!

I hope you guys had a better, dryer Saturday. It's bedtime, boy monkey is asleep.  For a few more minutes. He still isn't sleeping through the night.  When he wakes up I'm so tired I just grab him and bring him into my bed. I shouldn't I know, but I can't see the harm.  Mr MB hates it.  I don't know what else to do at this point, I can't stay up all night.

I work too ya know?

Happy Saturday Dingleberries.

-Hang in there


  1. Hopefully your little one will start sleeping through the night soon.

    Our Saturday was a bit rainy. Our first rain since October. (yeah, scary) We've been having a scarily mild winter in Cali. :(

  2. 'bout time Mr. Monkey Butt did a little "Midnight walking..." Hope you stay safe, hear there's some rough weather down your way.

  3. You comment about Jesus coming or Mother Nature made me laugh. So true. It's all rainy here too, but I think I'd rather the rain then the ice & cold.

  4. so hard when the little ones don't sleep through. I hope he gets the idea soon so you can feel a little more human again

  5. Chin up, Doria! Hopefully the wee guy will sleep through soon. I well remember my autopilot stage, and brought Adam into bed with me on occasion too!


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