Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hiya all

Yep, another picture of my big fat head. You love it, shut up.

So, I've no idea what or where I'm going with my blog(s). At times I think nothing of them, that they are completely lost and I'm sinking in this hoarding mess of twins and children and life and ... just yea.

It's fun though... most of the time. I'm stressed, constantly and ready to throw in a match,run screaming down the hill pulling my hair out.  But I make it OK.  Two of the 4 children are asleep, so that's... a plus.

I'm so thankful for all the nice comments I got back in October. I'd seriously don't remember that post, serious sleep deprivation I think was the norm.

We spent last week sick so I don't remember much of that either.  We're on the mend now though (I hope).  The twins have been doing their albuterol and one of them is almost done with their antibiotics (ear infection).

I still haven't come up with clever names for them yet... Help me? I know some of you have some ideas (cough *chris* cough *Al* cough)

Also on a twin note, our baby b (until I figure something else out) had his open heart surgery last month, November 7. He's doing really well, kids are amazing y'all. They way they fight everything, I'd been laying there like a dead fish or something if it had been me. Not him, he was repaired and sent home on day 4.

His breast bone is still healing, so we're really only limited on the way we have to pick him up.  But he's rolling over like a champ again!  Before long other than the scar you won't be able to tell a difference. He's pretty much the same ole kid.  Eating better and spitting up less, that's a difference and a plus if you ask me.

Love em.

Brother on the other hand, baby a for now. He's pretty well flying with colors.  He's crawling and sitting and beginning to pull up. It's really sweet to see. He's a little spit fire though I think.

So there you have it, an update on the ole life of MB.

November and December came and went. Pokey will celebrate her birthday next Sunday. SO it's going to be a big ta do. She'll be 13, ya know. I still can't believe it.  Life is weird y'all.

Can you believe all the lives we've lost this year. It's...  crazy.

So until next time, keep hanging in there Dingleberries!


  1. Great to read this post from you. Sending lots of good wishes your way. I wish I had a suggestion for the names but I named our dogs based on their personality. Wiggy we called Wiggy because she wiggled A LOT when we first got her. I mean so much that she fell over. The dog before her was Peanut because she was the size of a peanut.

    1. Those are both great names and great reasons, maybe this will help me to pick out little twigs of theirs and find a nickname too :) Thanks! And your story about wiggy is too funny!

  2. All I had was thing one and thing two. You can always rely on Dr Seuss. And my grandbaby has the copyright on Peanut, lol!

    1. Yea, I had Ricky and Bobby but figured that would answer a lot of questions about the south. Ha


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