Friday, February 5, 2016

parenting fail #46745132

This made me laugh ... but has nothing to do with this post.  Well aside from it being kid related.

Had [another] an argument with my 12YO this morning (Pokey).  I guess all these prego hormones and her pre-teen hormones are really taking a toll on the both of us.
She cried in her room last night, because "all we do is fight".  
So this morning, as usual we're running late and girl has absolutely NO SENSE OF URGENCY.
So I'm trying not to yell and be a crazy mother, without much success.
Long story short, we missed the  bus and on the way to school we're fussing about something and she wacks my arm. I was like WTH?!?!
She knew she'd messed up then, I grounded her and she fussed some more.

So in the end, she said kind of under her breath that she "hates parents".  So what does MB do, yes without thinking.. I begin to get upset, cant help but think about Mama MB and how many times I probably said something stupid like that to her and now... she's gone now.
So me, being an uncontrollable psycho ... I said...  
"Well, one day you'll wake up and you won't have parents... and by then you may be a parent.. or not.. then you have no worries."


Not only am I suffering inside that I miss my Mama MB, but my own daughter "hates parents" 

Keep in mind, I know it's not true and she was just being a kid..

Lord I wish I'd not said those words this morning.

Needless to say, I cried half way to work, lol ..

Parenting man, it's hard sometimes.

-Hanging in there.


  1. Honestly, she may have needed to hear just what you said...

    1. I hope so too :) Plus she knows how unstable I am most of the time!!

  2. Being a parent is the toughest job there is, as you know too well.

  3. But....eventually they grow up.
    And the daughter who once said that my wife and I "ruined her life" now takes me to breakfast every week.

  4. Sounds like a serious rough patch. Here's hoping it passes SOON!


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