Thursday, November 13, 2014

Quick Post

So I've found myself suffering some serious case of lack of interest again. I've also stumbled on a few posts on facebook this week that have me in a frenzy. 
This being said, I'm taking a vacation from social media. I think, if any of those folks really need me, they know where and how to find me.  I just can't stand reading, seeing all things on facebook right now.
I think I must be going through something ..

So this week, they're doing a birthday dinner for my nephew, he will be 17 this month.
I'm not looking forward to Pokey getting that old.
You know she's ten now!  Will be ELEVEN in January. OMG she's my little demon too. I swear, if either of my children kill me in my sleep .. It will be her. God I love her though.!!!
And no I'm not just saying that for fear of my life, not at all, not one bit ;)

So I'm stressing the birthday stuff, as usual. Not only is he in the realm of "I have no idea" but he's a boy.  My boy, he doesn't even care for much of anything as of right now, toy stuffs.  But 17 year olds, they're.... weird.  Especially the boy ones.  This boy not only is seventeen, but has long bleached hair and worships the whole 80's glam rock stuff.  Turns out ...
I wanted to get him a Crowder CD, because they're one of my current music crushes, but Mr MB doesn't think he would care for that at all. Guess I have to actually care what they like too huh ;)
(My new ringtone, awesome, right)

So ... whatever. I'm willing to just throw 20 bucks at the kid at this point. HA!

Anywho ....  All of that being said. I need to spread the word about the Christmas Airmail

Please go check it out and  sign up this year. Some of you may remember she did this in honor of Mama MB last year and it was and is always so much fun to get things in the mail. 
So check it out, here or you can click the picture (I think)  

Have a great day my dear Dingleberries.

Hang in there


  1. You hang in there, too, MB! :D Hugs from the land of cheese and chocolate...

  2. I've never even heard of Crowder, such an old fart am I.

  3. You gotta learn to scroll past and ignore whom you have to, block who you must, and remember the only head whose contents you have to worry about is yours- and the little MBs!

  4. I often find myself needing to step away from social media - or at least my personal Facebook page. Whenever I start wondering "Do I really know these people?" I take a little break.

  5. Since you said it, I'll second the motion. Get him what he likes, not what you like. Does he game?

    Sorry FB is giving you a bother. Too bad you're giving people you don't like all the power. Social media can be fun and relaxing if you don't follow wankers.


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