Sunday, April 27, 2014

Getting ready

Happy Sunday my Dingleberries,  getting ready for church this morning and waiting for the Dingleberries to get out of bed.  It's been a good weekend. My aunt and Grandma are moving this weekend.  Yea she's been in her house for about 14 years now.  Can we say Nightmare?!?!  Yes it's bad.

Boy monkey got me up early, as usual, so after getting him back to bed I spent some much needed time working on a school assignment.  Got it complete and decided if I get my last one done, tonight. I'm going to reward myself tomorrow.

Just don't know what kid of reward. Sweet treat?  Movie night?  Both?  ha ha..

Have a fabulous day you all.  I'm off to wake some monkeys ..... and house guests too.


  1. Nice to see you two again, ya couple a' cuties! Hopefully you won't have to use a bucket of water to wake 'em.

  2.'s nice to see you back!


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